My New Favorite Massage Tool

I’ve always found a corner of a wall when to “massage” my shoulders or wherever I could dig that corner in. Everytime I would get caught doing it the wife would start to sing

I have a vibration massage ball. I have a vibrating massage stick. These work good but not great. The ball is a bit to big to get to mid back. I can get on it but laying on it is too much weight equaling too much pain. I have a lacrosse ball but it is ok and still too much pressure when laying on it. Got a foam roller but meh, doesn’t help the back much .

This is the new tool I have = Vertiball (not aff link)

This thing is absolutely THE BEST thing I have bought. I may have to buy another of a few more. Vertiball is a suction cup wall mounted massage ball that you can adjust the height and lean into as hard or soft as you need.

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