Patterned Plywood Peppermill with SpectraPly and Birch Plywood

Say the title 3 times fast. LOL

A long while ago near the beginning of Corona I saw a woodturner make a handle of SpectraPly and I think zebra wood. This was when I made my first patterned plywood peppermill. With just the cheapo construction grade plywood from Depot. I can’t find the item she made. I wish i would have save it in my IG profile.

Updated: I found the post and it was from CrankCraftSox


Here are the first plywood peppermills I made. The middle one is the cheapo Depot plywood. Left and right are the high-end Baltic Birch.

After I saw the other example (that I can’t show you). I ordered a 0.75″x9″x40″ sheet of SpectraPly from I ordered the Gemwood Color.

I finally received the panel (6 weeks later) and proceeded to cut it up into 3 inch squares. I also cut up more 3/4″ birch plywood into 3 inch squares.

Cutting the squares was easy. Now I needed to glue them all together. This took about a week or so because of work and other projects. I made a jig to make it easier to hold and clamp the pieces together.

Finally I had a blank. I cut the blank on the table saw to knock down the corners and square off the ends. Then I got to turning.

And the finished piece!

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