More Wood Tubs from Around the World

This amazing wood hot tub was built by Steve husband of Effie Baker. I found this on Instagram. Check out here jewelry work also. The tub is is made from a hollowed out (by lightning probably) Arbutus tree. They live off grid but he did have a generator while hewas building the tub. Steve sealed the inside with epoxy resin and the outside with cetol. The tree had been in a fire years ago so it was fire hardened that made it very difficult to make smooth but left beautiful colours on the inside.

Here is a great tub from Ouwoogs in Estonia. He made his in a similar that I am making mine.

This Wood tub is from Dominik in Poland.

And this amazing wood product from in the Netherlands. Their product appears to be similar to OSB sheathing. The Woodio material is an innovative combination of wood and resin based adhesives. Approximately 80% of the material is solid wood. 


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