My Current Daily Routine

I thought this would be an interesting thing to post. Mainly for myself to maybe look back on it a couple of years from now. This is my Monday through Friday routine and I have been pretty close to keeping this since May 2020. The schedule was similar starting at beginning of the year but in May I changed it.

  • 645am & 7am alarms
  • 7:15am > out of bed
  • 7:16am > visit the facilities
  • 7:17am > start a pot of coffee
  • 7:30am > start drinking first “cup” of coffee
  • 7:30 – 8:00 > surf net, watch youtube, more interweb surfing
  • 8:00am > start second “cup” of coffee
  • 8am to 845am > surf more internet and start to become awake and visit facilities again LOL
  • 845am to 945am > approx 45min of Yoga / excercise
  • 945am > quick shower
  • 10am > start working
  • 10am > more coffee
  • 1130am > west coast team arrives in office and calls start to pick up, sometimes at a crushing pace
  • 1130am > more coffee
  • 1130am – 1pm > work, call co-workers, surf net, contemplate life choices, fix things
  • 1pm approx > this is my breakfast
  • 1pm – 1:30pm > eat breakfast and work
  • 2pm > more coffee
  • 130pm-430pm > work more, contemplate life choices, surf net, fix things, talk to co-workers
  • 3pm > finish off pot of coffee, which I had more coffee
  • 430pm – 630pm > work more, contemplate life choices, surf net, fix things, talk to co-workers
  • 630pm > stop working and eat dinner. Sometimes (a decent amount of times) still working maybe until 7pm or longer
  • Before May after work schedule
    • Eat Dinner
    • Watch TV and Youtube
    • Drink 3-4 glasses of wine
    • Bed approx 11-1130pm
  • In May I changed up my evening schedule to help with my weight loss goal
    • Eat dinner approx 630pm
    • relax for 30min to 1 hour and hang with wife
    • 30 minute evening walk. Not a stroll but a fast paced walk
    • Play in garage, watch Youtube, surf net, blog sometimes, dream and plan next steps in life, etc
    • 1130pm average bed time
  • Since the beginning of May I had stopped most drinking of alcohol. There have been only four weekends of alcohol allowed
    • 1st weekend of June
    • Fathers day weekend
    • July 4th weekend
    • Labor Day weekend
    • Next alcohol allowed not until Nov 12-15 weekend

Sat and Sunday has no set schedule. It usually doesn’t not have any exercise but i still “work out” by doing house projects and wood working projects in the garage.

Monday it starts all over. At the time of this post I am down 37 pounds since approx Feb 2020 and if i go back to Jan 2019 down 42lbs approx. The goal is 200 or under by Nov 12

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  1. Chris Johnson on October 2, 2020 at 12:10 am

    Good stuff.

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