My Weight Loss Journey

I hit my goal weight of 199.2lbs

My goal by my birthday on 11/12/2020 (today) was to hit 200lb. Technically I really wanted to see that 199 and I made my first goal on 11/09/2020 . In June of 2019 I was 250+lbs. This is when I first “arrived” in Raleigh, NC

I’ve struggled with weight loss for years. I had a good run approx 5-7 years ago where I dropped form 260+ to 227lb. What worked for me then was Tim Ferris Four Hour Body. Then I stopped and gained all the weight back. Honestly the struggle was because I really didn’t put in the actual work. I half assed it

When I got to NC in 2019 I started back with my Yoga in the mornings and tried keto. Keto worked a little and by Feb 2020 I hit 230lb. But I was doing 1 cheap day each week. My co-worker, who was doing keto told me the the cheat day was stopping my losses. So i stopped cheat days in March 2020 but by May 2020 I still had not dropped any more weight.

In May 2020 we were in the middle of Covid-19 Pandemic round #1. I was drinking heavily after each work day and the drinking got to be so bad that I switched from roughly a bottle of Pinot per night to drinking vodka on the rocks every night.

I quit drinking

I made a goal to stop for 30 days on May 1st. I hit that goal. I then did another goal to not have alcohol until July 4th, I made that goal. My next challenge was to wait until Labor Day in September, this was hard but I pulled it off. Then I waited until today (my birthday) to have a drink.

More Exercise

During all the time/days/evenings etc of not drinking I stepped up my exercise. I would do yoga in the morning (30 min) then do a 30 min walk at night. Now I do a 30min walk in morning then 30min yoga, then 30 min walk at night.

What is the trick to weight loss?

There is no trick.

Step 1 > stop eating too much

Step 2 > stop drinking every day or better completely

Step 3 > add exercise

Step 4 > loose weight

Here is a picture of me at 199lbs doing Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose. It’s not completely straight yet. This is a journey and I WILL get there.

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