CNC Sign Experiments

My last project of the Large Marge cold brew coffee drip tower got me back into learning how to use the CNC i bought 3-4 years ago.

Garden sign for Sondra’s raised garden beds

Chrome Mud Flap Girl

I downloaded a vector of the classic Trucker Mud Flap girl. I cut a piece of plywood and then a piece of aluminum diamond plate. The diamond plate cut out almost failed because I didn’t have it glued down enough. But it came out ok. I may have to make another one of these and try to sell them

Friends Logos

I reached out to some friends and ask them to send me their SVG logo files

Bridget M Willard >
Jon Brown from 9seeds >
Patrick Healy from Phacient >
Jason Tucker from WP WaterCooler Podcast >

More to come ….

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