Huge Cold Brew Coffee Drip Tower

Failure leads to inspiration

I’ve wanted to build a large coffee drip tower even since my Diesel Brew days. I finally built it and I mostly hate it. I don’t actually hate how it looks. What i mainly hate is that i can’t get the ratio right or the drip rate right. I’ve gotten close, but honestly I just don’t really care about it.

What will become of it

I will most likely take it apart and keep all the pipe to use on a new project. What that will be I don’t know yet but we still love the pipe decor style so there is always uses for black iron pipe.

What I love about the project

My absolute favorite piece was the mini 12in x 12in pallet. It looks so neat.

What the project has inspired

I am finally getting back to my CNC. I used the CNC for the shelf that is holding the coffee spiral. I have an old Shapeoko3 (the small one) I used a scrap piece of pine and carved in Diesel Brew Coffee using Black Ops One font.

The Large Marge Diesel Brew Cold Brew Coffee drip tower

I spent too much on this. But I learned things such as doing it yourself doesn’t mean it will be cheaper. Stay tuned for the next post to show the 5 more CNC projects I made after this.

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