DIY PVC Cards for Membership / Gift Cards / IDs / More

Over the past year or so I have rekindled my fascination of precious metals and coin collecting. I would say I like precious metals more than “coins”. I love gold, silver and sometimes platinum.

Over the summer I found these cool 1oz silver “cards”. It’s in shape of a credit card and it fits in your wallet. I called it my Wallet Bullion.

After that pickup I resumed my normal purchasing routine. During once of my IG evenings I then found a guy making his own little business card looking things that he would put 1 gram of Gold, Silver or Platinum (or all 3) into this card with his own designs. His items were neat. There was an artistic element along with DIY and Maker community elements (all things I am in to). I sent him an email asking how he made them. I did not expect nor get a response.

Over the next few weeks of Sept/Oct 2021 I scoured the interwebs finding different ways to print on PVC cards. The “big boy” way is to get a dedicated PVC card printer (used mainly at companies to print badges) but those printers are stupid expensive. I found lower cost solutions but still expensive like Badgy 200 and that was still $700 to start up.

I found a youtuber in India who was using a Canon G570 to print on 20mil thick PVC cards. This was the ticket. I like this solution because I didn’t need a specific printer and then buy a tray to put my cards in.

I found the Canon G620 is the US version of the G570. I bought the printer, I bought some sample cards in different sized (mistake were made). Bought a couple pieces of platinum and gold 1 gram bars. Made a photoshop template and started printing some cards. See examples I have created to date

Yes, of course I bought a domain name and of course these will be for sale.

Visit to get on the waiting list.
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What is awesome about this system is that you can use this for more than what I am doing. You can create one of a kind membership cards. Custom gift cards. Joke ID cards.

Do you want a custom card for you or to gift to someone?

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