It’s 2023 already, and it’s the middle of January? 2022 Recap

Holy Hell! Where did 2022 go and how it went!

Notable Events in 2022

  • Youngest child graduated high school
    • My mom and brother came out to graduation
    • we had a wind storm after graduation and caused some roof damage
      • that is fixed
  • Oldest child moved back home with us for a bit in 2022 to restart life in NC
  • I hit the big FIVE – O
  • Sondra hit the big FIVE – O
  • I bought a motorcycle
    • sorta regret the purchase
  • I quit my job
  • I got a new job
  • I made a quick 2-day trip back to California over Christmas to visit mom/dad
    • good thing i didn’t fly southwest
  • I had some success with Wallet Bullion
    • but i’m debating what to do with it
    • the last post on my personal site was talking about how to do this
    • I improved on the product and I did sell a decent amount of cards
      but it is very labor intensive even with improvements
  • I built Waka Yaga
    • but semi-abandoned at this time
  • I built Hang for Health over xmas break
    • I built this because I started a daily passive and active hang
    • I bought a Teeter Hang Up
    • I built / building cable pulley system in garage for more upper body strength
  • I didn’t write any posts on here since 11/29/2021
    • I aim to change that
  • I kept my weight down and hit 179.5 on Nov 11th 2022
    • my goal last year was to get below 180 before 50th
      • Success!
    • I’m hovering at 185 now
  • I wanted definition in abs
    • did not hit this
    • now 2023 goal

Goals for 2023

  • Increase strength in shoulders / arms / hands / etc do accomplish a minimum 1 minute hang (active or passive) with 1 hand
  • Figure out what to do with Wallet Bullion
  • Get traffic and some affiliate income with Hang for Health and/or WakaYaga
  • Definition in abs
    • plus all the benefits that come from meeting this goal
  • Succeed at new job
    • haven’t defined this metric
  • Start a coaching / advising service?
    • not defined
    • My usual answer to anyone is that they are wrong
    • Zipmessage looks awesome. I should just suck it up and pay the $40 a month
  • Write at least 1 post per week on this site
  • Write minimum once a week on Hang for Health
    • This could be YouTube video post as well
    • Not sure I should use the Waka Yaga channel or create a new one
      • Or just use my personal channel
  • Create a new “Goals” post for 2023 LOL




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