Everyone is talking about ChatGPT – Cool Tools I Found

Here are 3 cool things I saw this week about ChatGPT.

ChatGPT SEO extension for Chrome

This came up as recommendation in YouTube. Of course it does HAHA. This one is pretty sweet. It helps you with better questions to feed into ChatGPT and get better results.

Take the text you generate with ChatGPT and create a video

This is pretty wild. I haven’t signed up for a trial yet but that is schedule for this week at my current role. You can take the text you generate with ChatGPT and generate a video. Actually while I write this post I just tried it. It is awesome so far. The tool / website is Pictory


ChatGPT content generation with Google Sheets

I found this Notion that was shared via @Nichegrades on Twitter. This is a pretty sweet setup but does require a paid account with ChatGPT so you can get an API key. You can generate a butt ton of content in a few clicks. In his example he used Open Ai and Google Sheets to create 387 blog posts worth of content in just a few hours (251,163 words, to be exact!).

Link again clear text > https://quasar-war-319.notion.site/How-to-connect-Open-Ai-with-Google-Sheets-97f0800c91984541b3f895f9b64115ce

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