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Loren Nason

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Here I Sit all Broken Hearted ….

Came to Shit but only Farted. I’m SOOO forcing this blog post. So I’ll just post thoughts of projects in my head. Clawfoot bathtub. I have drawings in my head of a laminated stacked plywood clawfoot tub that I will turn into a hot tub in my back yard. Challenge Coins These are fun and…

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50-100 Pieces of Content Per Day

You’ve probably heard GaryVee tell everyone to post 50-100 times a day across different platforms. All I can think of is DANG, I can barely do one. If I really do think about it though I do make maybe 2-4 a day as silly comments on FB. I don’t do twitter anymore. I think I…

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Tech Support – The Game

Do you want to be in I.T.? You have to start in the trenches and answer the phone. Many of my friends and family wonder what it is like answer the phone everyday. While I was going down the rabbit hole of the interwebs and looking for Tech Support youtuber’s i found this interesting “game”…

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Gary Vaynerchuck is Tyler Durden

Fight Club! It is an excellent movie. I was watching it again last night and the scene where Tyler takes the liquor store clerk out back and threatens to kill him unless he follow’s his dream to become a veterinarian TOTALLY reminds me of Gary Vee. While contemplating this revelation I googled “Gary Vee is…

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