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Fix It? or Throw it in the Gutter and Go Buy Another

I looked at the lamp in the back yard and it was flickering and I said “Oh brother, I’ll throw it in the gutter and go buy another” “But wait a minute these things are $40 bucks” she said. “Yeah?”, doesn’t matter it’s cheap. To appease, I jumped on the Google and searched the interwebs.¬†…

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Making a T-Shirt Site is Even Easier

For a long time I have owned https://urafi.com. I bought this domain to give thanks to those that are just Fantastic Individuals who bring me joy every day. I first built the site with WordPress, WooCommerce and Printful. Printful is a print on demand vendor. You upload your designs to them and then people can…

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Driving from California to North Carolina

We have have had many road trips and this one wasn’t much different. The main thing we noticed is that everything west of Dallas is desert and brown. Once we got pass Dallas we started to see trees and grass and green. 2500 miles with 2 cats in the car didn’t leave us much time…

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North Carolina or Bust

Now is the time to change it all up. We are moving to Raleigh, NC! The emotions are running at full speed while swerving across all lanes. The wife will be there for a little while until the younger kiddo finishes school and then he and I will join her. The older child (young man)…

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I Made a Fire Log

I’ve been wanting to try power carving and been itching for some Arbortech tools. I bought¬† the Arbortech turbo plane and the Arbortech Ball Gouge. Wow, these things are monsters and will carve wood quicker than ever will expect. Be safe with these monsters and do not loose a finger or hand. For this project…

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