Loren Nason


Premium Grass Fed Beef Delivered to You

I love finding new ways of getting food delivered to my door. We’ve tried the pre-portioned ready to cook meals, those were fun. But I’m more of a simpler type of foodie. Give me some meat and throw it on the grill, in the pan, in the oven or even the Crock. Everyone LOVES a…

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I bought a Zero Water Filter

My family have been bottled water junkies for years. I’ve tried the Britta and similar filters and they all sucked because I/we could taste the charcoal. So we stayed with bottled water for a while and I would save all my bottles and would collect my California 5 cent tax on my bottles every few…

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30 Day Yoga Challenge for Men

I’m working on changing up my workouts to keep me from getting bored. This past Sunday I went for my second trek to Gilman Peak in Chino Hills. The first time I went I had major cramps in my inner thigh and calves. I think this was mainly due to my shoes. The second trip…

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