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AIM – AOL Instant Message Shut Down Dec 15th 2017

I don’t use AIM. I never have. I used to use ICQ until AOL bought them. Still, this is an iconic program from the dark ages (20 years ago) that will be gone in 2 months. Per this help article >¬†https://help.aol.com/articles/aim-discontinued Will there be a replacement > NO What happens to my AIM data, buddy…

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Church or UnChurched

Do you live in Texas? ¬†What church do you go to? If you don’t go to church (heathen) and feel beat down but the churched, you should create a Meetup Group called the un-churched. I thought you would get a kick out of this  

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Becoming a Podcast Addict – What I’m Listening To

I’m sorta a talk radio junkie. I usually have talk radio on in the car when I’m driving. But I’ve become bored with whats on the radio (except for Leo Laporte and the late night shows on KFI) I’ve been slowly getting back to Podcasts and here are the ones I’m subscribed to so far.…

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