I Did Not Quit Facebook …. I Just Don’t Open It Every Day

The wifey said last night:

You said you quit facebook but you keep posting to facebook from your website.

To Clarify:

I did not quit FB or delete my account. I just decided to stop opening it or having a tab always open for it and I removed the FB app from my phone. It has been a great change of pace. I would even say that some of the anxiety has lessened. There is better shite to do each day then have a tab open to constantly see what crap people (like me) are posting.

I did actually open FB yesterday because I wanted to go to the Beaver Builder group to look for a solution to a design question I had with setting up a site with Facebook.

As much as I say eew to FB. FB is the place to be for most of society in my age group (old geezer)

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