Loren Nason


The Robots are Giving Up

The¬†Knightscope K5 security robot¬†was supposed to patrol the Georgetown Waterfront, a ritzy shopping-and-office complex along the Washington Harbour in D.C. Looking like a mutant hybrid of R2D2 and a Dalek, the K5 was built to be a crime-fighting robot that could rove the streets and monitor for suspicious activity. It has been used in some…

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Human Caused Explosion in Mineral Diversity

This is an interesting read about how the affect of humans using things on this planet to make new things is causing new minerals to come into existence. An Explosion of Never-Before-Seen Minerals Could Mark The Dawn of a New Geological Epoch Examples: chalconatronite, a rare copper mineral that crystallises as a bright blue crust…

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Neptune’s Lagoon in Anaheim, CA

What do you do if you don’t have a hot tub / jacuzzi etc? I have a community hot tub and it’s ok. I soaked in dirtier water. In fact the dirty water doesn’t bother me at all because of the chlorine. Years ago I spent 8 hours in a hot mud pool in Washington…

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Strange Things I Find

I was looking at new advertisers on Share-a-Sale (one of the affiliate networks I belong to) and I found this interesting item. BioAntler What’s amazing/surprising to me as this isn’t something new. Deer antler spray has been a highly debated topic in the sports community, as many athletes have had their name linked to the…

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