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AIM – AOL Instant Message Shut Down Dec 15th 2017

I don’t use AIM. I never have. I used to use ICQ until AOL bought them. Still, this is an iconic program from the dark ages (20 years ago) that will be gone in 2 months. Per this help article >¬†https://help.aol.com/articles/aim-discontinued Will there be a replacement > NO What happens to my AIM data, buddy…

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I Drew a Drawer in Fusion360

….. and I found a neat freebie program. What I watched and did: In the next series of videos I watched for Fusion360 I learned how to make a drawer. The videos are from Lars Christensen and I’ve inserted them below. The program I found: I wanted to insert a screen cap of my final…

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Teamsters are Afraid of Autonomous Trucking

My friend Roy and his partners were making plans to work on a Level 4 Transportation company. He sent me an email today that they are going to back off for a while because of this link that he sent me. Level 4 Transport is: This is what is meant by “fully autonomous.” Level 4…

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