2023 Year in Review

What a year

  1. The most notable event this year is that my Dad passed away in may at the age of 84 from lung cancer.
  2. The second notable event is that my mom’s breast cancer has metastasized and spread. She is taking KisQali targeted therapy (she just started week 2)
  3. 3rd most notable event is that I left the job I took last December 2022 to take another job. That new job turned out to be absolute bogus. I went w/o a job from Sept to Dec where I started a new job. I think I will like this job. I am thankful I have this job as hustling / consulting wasn’t bringing me enough.
    This new job comes with a company vehicle and Jan 2nd 2024 I leave NC for a quick drive to Massachusetts and back a few days later.
  4. Sondra left her job and took a new job as well. This job will require a LOT of travel and more travel than I will be doing.

Fitness Journey

  • I mostly maintained my weight sense Nov 2022 when I hit 180. I am fluctuating around 190 currently (this week doesn’t count with all the eating).
  • For approx 95% of this year I consistently walked for 30 minutes around noon and then 30 minutes at night. The evening walks would be filled with push-ups / squats or dumbbell exercises.
  • I didn’t use my Teeter Hang-up much and it was folded up for the last 6 months. I used it this week
  • Pull strength has improved. I can usually do 2 full pull ups (hands forward) fresh and rested
  • 2024 I will work towards harder workouts for strength/muscle building.
  • I’m still working towards a flat stomach
  • I also will start daily practice ATG split squat to eventually do it on level ground

Projects / Ventures / Etc

Wallet Bullion languished. I tried to revive it a couple of months ago, but I’m not really in to it.

Things I learned

The one thing that really sticks out is that over all I don’t want to make or sell a product to a person / people. I find that most people are finiky and I don’t want to deal with them unless it’s something I want to make or do. And if I make 1 or a few items and sell them it’s cool, but I don’t want to scale it up and keep having to make said item over and over again.

What I want to do:

  1. Recommend products that I use and people buy them and I get a commission (I want this to be my main gig)
  2. Make Art and sell a few high ticket items here and there (this will be fun gig)

Plans for 2024

  1. Learn twitter ads (already started)
  2. Make progress in fitness journey
  3. Buy more fitness gadgets
  4. Blog more
  5. Get better at affiliate marketing
  6. Make a new hot tub
  7. Work at job until I don’t need to




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