25 Days to Happyness

I was thankful this morning for finding a dive motel in Flagstaff, AZ. This place was a full on dive. We had originally planned on staying in Page, AZ but couldn’t find a hotel so we had to backtrack to Flagstaff. Even in Flagstaff hotels were going for 250-300 a night but everything was booked. I didn’t want to pay that much just to sleep and leave.

I almost considered starting to drive home (7 hour drive) after being on the road since 5am. Luckily we found this super dive motel that only had 1 queen for the 4 of us. The boys took the bed and we took the floor, but the bed was just as bad.

I was thankful for this dive we found with duct tape on the window AC unit was $80 for the night. I’m glad we didn’t want to swim (watch the video)



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