What is the Point of Blogging

When I have nothing really to say. I’ve missed 2 days in my 30 day journey, but I will keep moving forward.

The goal of content on your website (or anywhere)

Is to promote yourself and your product. I have no reason to promote any of my “services” as I do not perform services to anyone (except for a few people). I haven’t been making anything this past couple of weeks because other endeavors have me currently engaged.

What was my goal

To just give myself a goal of posting everyday for 30 days. Since I have missed 2 days I will end my goal a few days later. I need to think of more content. I still haven’t really tried making a video. I should do that.

There is a big project in the pipeline but until the time comes to start building there isn’t much to say about it.

I guess I do have a goal is to get more traffic to my social platforms to attract more followers. There just isn’t any focus to my activities at this time.


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