Vaping, E-Cigs, Nicotine and the Law

I was introduced to vaping in February of 2013 by my friend Kevin who works at Vape Revolution in Cerritos. It is called vaping by those who do it rather than call it e-cigarettes because it’s technically not a cigarette or even looks like one. Yes, there are personal vaporizers that look like cigarettes but when you really get into vaping you use devices that look nothing like cigs.

This past year there has been a meteoric rise in the use of e-cigs and vaporizers. Now governments are getting all crazy and starting to ban them as of the perceived “health risks”. This is bull shit.

Here is one article talking about how we should not ban vaping and instead should glamorize it.

Are e-cigs/vaporizers 100% safe/healthy?

I don’t know for sure but I can say now that i’m completely 100% vapor and no cigarettes at all I feel tremendously better. I don’t stink. My clothes don’t stink.

I do know for sure that Vapor (juice) has none (or almost none) of any of the harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke. E-juice is made with Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and Flavorings. The juice is then turned into a vapor and inhaled.

Why vaporizers instead of Nicotine Patch/gum/mint/etc?

I’ve tried the gum, patch and mints. They don’t give me the satisfaction. At one time I would use the patch and smoke at the same time.

Who is behind the “banning” of e-cigs?

IMO it is the pharmaceutical industry and large tobacco.

Large tobacco is scared that smokers have found a fun enjoyable way to get their nic-fix w/o buying cigs. Pharmaceutical companies are scared that people wont by nicotine gum/patch/mint or take prescription drugs to kick the smoking habit.

Here is a slide from a presentation done by Lorillard and Wells Fargo



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