We Need the Police – But do we need this cop?

There are a lot of good cops out there, but I don’t know if the one in this story/video is.

17yr old Deven was pulled over by Officer Frost because he flashed his lights at the officer. The kid flashed his lights because the cop had his high beams on (or just had really bright lights).

Pulling someone over because they flashed their lights at you is a bullshit reason to pull someone over. I mean really it’s not like the kid was flashing his lights at everyone, just this officer. I’ve flashed my lights at MANY people because they have their hi-beams on. Getting blinded by hi-beams on a desolate stretch of road is annoying. If I was pulled over for this I would probably have a big fat attitude.

Yes, the kid had a bad attitude and should have given the cop is license/registration/insurance. I would have been giving this officer a big fat attitude as well, but I still would have given him my id/reg/ins when demanded. When driving a car and you are pulled over you can’t pull that kind of bull shit and refuse to identify yourself.

Did the cop have to yank the kid from the car and arrest him?

Did he need to taze him?

Did he need to shoot him 7 times including in the head?

Story here:


Remember, if you don’t respect their authority they will shoot you dead.

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