Do you REALLY need a website?

If you want to start a business and be found on the internet most people will say “you need a website”. But what does that really mean?

If you were to ask me what “kind” of website you might want I would most likely recommend a website powered by WordPress (like this one).

Over the years though I have changed my thoughts and opinion.

Scenario 1: You just need a brochure type of site

You just need something that people can find your contact info so they can call email you. Of course I would want to say get a WordPress site with a single page layout with your info. I say that though because if I was doing this for myself I can do it easily. If you were to do it and had no experience then you could be frustrated.

What do you do then? There are so many options for free website builders there isn’t really a right or wrong answer. It depends.

What I’ve seen lately though is businesses using a Facebook Page as their website. I used to hate this but I can see it working just fine for most small and unique businesses.

See these two examples I found from my road trip last week.

1 Denio Junction hotel/motel

We drove through Denio, NV and this place is middle of nowhere BFE. If you needed a hotel you probably already know this place exists. If you didn’t you would just google Denio Junction Hotel and you will find their FB page.

Does it work for them? Probably
Do they need a better website? debatable

2 The Last Resort Motel Adin California

All they have also is a FB page.

Does it work for them? Probably
Do they need a better website? For them I would lean more to the yes side. It’s a nice small town motel that probably has a great story.

Here is another semi-fictitious scenario.

You make wood products.
You use instagram to market your items.
Then to collect payments setup a Square store front.

Is this the best solution? who knows.
Does it work for people? hell yes. I’ve seen it and it works for the person I saw doing it.

Moral of the story.

Find a solution that works for you and get to work. Be prepared though to change solutions as the fickle public changes where they hang out online.

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