Just Because Somebody Else is Doing it Doesn’t Mean You Can’t

Do you ever have an idea for something? I do all the time

Creative people like myself always have an idea that’s swimming around in their head or poppin out their mouth. I came across these 2 posts and thought they would be a great share for those people with tons of ideas or not sure to take a chance on their ideas.

Post  by Chris Guillebeau at The Art of Non-Conformity wrote How do you know if your idea is worth pursuing?

Here’s one way: consider the amount of time you spend thinking about the idea, even as you go on to other things.

The more days (weeks, months, etc.) that go by with the same idea coming to mind, the more you know that you should do something about it.

The article is a good read and from his thinking he ventured into a new podcast called Side Hustle School

Post by Rob Cubbon – 8 Dumbass Stupid Entrepreneurial Mistakes I Won’t Make Again In 2017

The items that stood out to me was was:

7. Trying to think of a big Idea

8. Worrying about Failure

It’s impossible to think of an idea no one has thought of. Just go and do what it is you want to do, just do it different/better. I quote “most successful entrepreneurs sell products or services that are already out there”.

Fear of Failure is a disease and I’ve been fighting that disease for years. It also goes hand in hand with impostor syndrome.

Now for some copy cats

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