Just Create January – Day Eight

No time to work on my own personal creations today. It was a 12 hour day at work. I did get to play in the garage a little yesterday and work on that ring I posted last week and I started on another ring. Plus I had to go into work yesterday for about 4 hours.

For today I will feature everyone else’s creations for yesterday and today.

James Tyron was able to get his plugin submitted and approved in the WP Repo
Social Block

Jason is suffering from the flu (or something) so he posted this to Instagram

Pacific Scrambler @knottsberryfarm #knottsberryfarm #timelapse

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Bridget posted this > No Time? Outsource It! & Learning Twitter: Lesson 3

Roy Sivan posted 2 articles

Why your Small Business should use WordPress
Top 5 crucial things on a good cosmetic surgeon website

Jill Binder posted this to her Facebook group -> https://www.facebook.com/ThingDotDo/posts/142295723145349


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