Loren Nason


Just Create January – Day Eight

No time to work on my own personal creations today. It was a 12 hour day at work. I did get to play in the garage a little yesterday and work on that ring I posted last week and I started on another ring. Plus I had to go into work yesterday for about 4…

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Just Create January – Day Six

Today I did a quick WordPress editing job. The request: Add 2 buttons to home page and link to a form. The site uses WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer). I used Visual Composer a long time ago and I didn’t like it. The new rendition of this plugin is better and I was able…

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Just Create January – Day Five

This is a follow up to Day Three when I started cutting up this block of Padauk and Marblewood. What is it? It’s nothing really. It’s practice on making wooden rings. Just a little larger so I can practice with the tools I have.

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Just Create January – Day Four

This is not cheating. This is planning. I wrote this post after I wrote Day Three (yesterday). I wanted to link to the other Day Three Posts. Roy Sivan > How to increase Profits and Sales with a WordPress website Bridget Willard may use this tweet to craft a blog post. I don’t normally call…

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