Just Create January

My friends Jason Tucker and Bridget Willard run the WPBlab Community. Jason is starting a 30 day Just Create Campaign.

Jason needs some pushing and wouldn’t mind helping to push and pull folks along a bit too. Join us here in the group WPblab Community group and were doing the full month of January creating, sharing, commenting and most importantly, encouraging!

“So how will this work?”
Simple, each day we’ll post in this group and ask you to leave a comment with some content you created.

“What content should I submit?”
It can be a tweetstorm, blog post, Facebook post, Instagram photo, photo gallery on your website, podcast, Vlog, whatever you like.

“How often can I post?”
You can share 1 post per day as a comment in our thread we’ll start each day.

“Can I invite my friends?”
If they are content creators and they aren’t spammy and are good content worth sharing please do so.

“Is this just a way to get more likes, comments and stuff?”
Yes! The goal here is to learn to write great content that people want to share, record podcasts people like to listen to, create compelling graphics people like and learn new ways to share this content on various social media spots online.

“Am I required to share other people’s stuff on social media?”
Required? No. The goal here is to provide exposure to the content you make from people that like it. If you aren’t a sport ball fan and someone posts about sports we don’t expect or require you to do anything. The ultimate goal is to be great at making content of all types AND to encourage people to consume your content and share it with their friends on any social media they like.

My Creation for Jan 1 -> I am linking the other posts and images of others.

Jason Tucker

Applying Focus to only a Few Personal Projects (there is a domain for sale here)

Courtney Robertson

Baby Steps in 2018

Andy Mcllwain

Ten Resolutions for 2018

Jill Binder

Thing dot Do – Annoucement


Bridget Willard

Jeff Hester

Six Pack of Peaks 2018

Featured image from post from Thing.Do and it was created by Leanne Padgett

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