Driving from California to North Carolina

We have have had many road trips and this one wasn’t much different.

The main thing we noticed is that everything west of Dallas is desert and brown. Once we got pass Dallas we started to see trees and grass and green.

2500 miles with 2 cats in the car didn’t leave us much time to explore. It was a good trip. We saw some good people. We had some excellent BBQ in Texarkana.

We stayed in a couple of average hotels and we stayed in a total dive in Ashville, NC

Our trip started in Yorba Linda, CA

Our first stop was in Lordsburg, NM. Why Lordsburg? Because we were tired and I found a hotel.

We then drove from Lordsburg to Dallas and holy shit the 20 through Odessa, Midland etc of west texas doesn’t have much to see except oil and dirt and 80mph speed limit. Even the truckers our hauling ass out there. We stayed in south Dallas Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning we drove from Dallas to Memphis, TN. That part of the drive is when it was “country” and a nice drive. Wednesday night a friend of Sondra put us up for the night. While driving I ordered a cheap mattress to arrive on Friday at our new home since we have nothing there.

Thursday morning we started driving again. Our first stop was Starbucks and they teased Sondra for ordering an iced tea with no sugar. We stopped in Nashville for White Castle. Yeah we should have gone to Hattie B’s and not White Castle. From Nashville we powered all the way through to Ashville, NC to the Retro Americana / Bates Motel.

Friday morning we awoke and did our last leg of the drive to Apex, NC arriving around 1pm local time.

How was renting a home from 3k mile away site un-seen? That will be another post and a story to itself.

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