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On Tuesday I talked about Duplicati and open source backup solution. So far in testing is works. I even tried a restore today to a seperate computer that I did not run the backup from. Kinda kludge but at same time not. I exported the configuration of my back settings on the machine being backed up and then copied the config to the computer I wanted to restore from. Easy for me.

The thing that is nice about a managed backup solution like Backblaze Groups or MSP360 or Ahsay Enterprise stuff is the central monitoring and reporting

What I wanted with Duplicati is a central way to monitor backup jobs. Duplicati itself is lacking a centralized reporting feature. I search and I found two solutions.

Solution 1: Duplicati Reporting Server

This solution is some ASP pages that you would probably need an Windows Server with IIS. I have VM i could use. But nah, I didn’t want to put in the work

Solution 2: Duplicati Monitoring

This allows you to monitor your Duplicati backups. It gives you a nice dashboard to see the status of your backups and can send you beautiful email reports.

Duplicati Monitor wins. The setup process is quite easy. Create and account and then create a job. It generates a reporting URL that you put in the client computer reporting URL variable. Tested on 2 computers and going for a 3rd now.

Now, would I use this for customers if I rolled this out. No, too much work right now. But still goes back to do I want to do this for anyone. Hell nah right now dude.




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