Why am I blogging here?

Because using my own name gives me the freedom to talk about anything I want without being boxed into a certain niche related to my other businesses.

Do I make money from this site?

As of April 2015 that would be a big NO.

Are there affiliate links on this site?

Yes, of course there are. I started blogging on my name for 2 reasons.
1st reason is the first answer above
2nd reason is to see how much traffic I can build here starting essentially from scratch

Do I use all the products I have affiliate links for?

No, but most of them.

Is this site my main source of income?

Not at all

What do I do for money?

WordPress Consulting? (don’t know what to call it and neither do most other WordPress people)

Technology Management (office/corporate tech person)
I have a few clients that I maintain their networks on a monthly basis

Have a question?

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Some of the links in all posts may be affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you end up purchasing their product or service. You will never pay more by using my link compared to what you would pay if you went directly to their website; in fact you may receive an exclusive discount. And it helps me keep the site running!

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