You can DIY or Hire Help

Thank you for taking the WordPress Assessment Test.

You are in the middle of the road if you should DIY or Hire a Pro.

You could start with a DIY install and then when you need help look for someone that can help you with small projects.

Small projects could be:

  • Having someone build a similar assessment quiz like the one you just took
  • Customizing a plugin to your needs
  • Fixing something you broke

When going down the DIY road you should consider joining some Facebook Groups or Meetup Groups. You definitely should check out a WordCamp.

Facebook Group for Orange County WordPress
OCWP Meetup Group
WordCamp (world wide)

Here are some other resources for Hosting and Themes and Learning.

Video Tutorials: Learn WordPress the Easy Way at WP101

WordPress Managed Hosting: WPEngine

WordPress Themes I Use: Genesis themes by StudioPress

If you need help you can hire me or I can refer you to others as well.


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