Keeping up the Motivation

Today is the 2nd day of what may (will) become a daily blog effort. I’m mainly going to keep up the daily portion as a journal of my exercise and diet to make myself accountable.

Today I made some modifications to the theme I’m using – Modern Studio Pro

  • Changed the padding on .site-container from ’20px 100px 100px’ to ’20px 40px’
    I just didn’t like all the padding on the left and right
  • To adjust the content with the extra available width
    I changed .content from width 60% to 65%
  • I added Genesis Footer Builder plugin
    Yes, i could have done this with other plugins or in function.php
    But haven’t tried this plugin before and I gave it a shot.
    It’s great

I’ve been looking for a WordPress plugin or a way to build in a Fitness/Diet tracker. Not sure it’s something I need or want to do yet. For now I’ll just post what I did/do/eat

I did find this plugin – Weight Loss Tracker
But it doesn’t work with WordPress Multisite which is what this domain is on

Daily Log:
Calories Consumed = 1305
Breakfast = 3 scrambled eggs
Lunch = 2 Kale-Mozerella Chicken patties from Amylu (patties only)
Snack = 1 banana
Dinner = Chicken and Veggie bowl from Flame Broiler with a little bit of rice
Exercise = 30min at approx 4mph
Distance = 2 miles

Some of my reading this evening:

How I lost 60lbs with Google Docs

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

Obligatory Sex reference to get traffic:
The Bone Throne for Game of Bones

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