30 Day Yoga Challenge for Men

I’m working on changing up my workouts to keep me from getting bored. This past Sunday I went for my second trek to Gilman Peak in Chino Hills. The first time I went I had major cramps in my inner thigh and calves. I think this wasgilman-peak-chino mainly due to my shoes. The second trip I wore my Vibram Five Fingers and had no pain/cramping. I am finding though I need to start wearing socks with my Vibrams. I have sweaty feet and this doesn’t work well with Vibrams. I’m going to buy some Injinji’s this week. Plus this should help with the Finger Funk

I found this new 30 Day Yoga Challenge for men that starts June 1st 2015. All you men out there should check this out and signup. I’ve already signed up. Are you up to the challenge? It’s only about 10 minutes a day.

Click the image to signup and to see the intro video





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