Will the next Office Network be Completely Virtual?

For years I’ve helped solo-preneurs and small businesses setup their technology to make them completely mobile relying on cloud (somebody else’s computer) based services. What I find interesting now, is the rise of completely virtual office networks.

What is a Virtual Office Network?

There are many ways to describe this. This is not an office network with VPN connectivity. Instead every employees computer is a virtual computer living in a private virtualized space in a data center.

You could have a company of 50 employees with the servers/network to support it and the all the desktop computing power all located in a secure data center. The “PC’s” at each employees desk would be a small tiny machine and all it does it create a connection to the Virtual Computer in the data center that has access to the network.

ALL “work” is done in the virtual network in the data center.

This isn’t new.

This type of network isn’t new I just find it interesting that it is becoming more readily available to the small business. Even more insteresting is how this could trickle down to the home computer.

Instead of your home computer being a powerful machine for Gaming/Drafting/CAD/Video/3D/etc

You can buy yourself a cheap tiny computer with some fancy screens and your “desktop” is running in the cloud (somebody else’s computer)

Looking for more info?

Research the following terms

DaaS (desktop as a service)

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

I like this post from Tom’s IT Pro comparing DaaS vs VDI
Desktop as a Service Providers

The idea for this post came from this post at Tech Crunch.

Your Next Computer could be in a Data Center

Want more information or explanation?

Currently I’m working for a company who is building out a new Desktop as a Service / VDI setup.

Contact me for info

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