8 Days a Week – Overload

I wanted to blog 5 days a week but I didn’t pull that off this week.

It’s hard to blog consistently when you have too much to do.

I did have a lot of success in my tasks this week though.

  • I started and almost finished a Quick and Dirty Website for a new client.
  • I worked a full 40 hours at full time job.
  • I successfully did another 5 days of 30-45 min exercise in the evening (and a short walk this morning)
  • I have another 2 sites I need to possibly start
  • I decided the marketplace site I was thinking of building wasn’t a viable road to go down
  • I decided I want to learn CNC and want to buy a hobby CNC and I’m thinking of the Shapeoke 3

I’ve been craving Curry Lentils this whole week. I googled a recipe and this was top result, so I made it. It is good, but I probably could have kicked up the heat and curry.

Red Lentil Curry – allrecipes.com


Here is the Shapeoko 3

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