30 Days with No Alcohol

I’ve never had a HUGE drinking problem but at least over the last 1-2 years I have been a nightly drinker. I would estimate that since late 2018 I would be drinking wine every night probably at almost a full bottle each night. It has been bothering me since this past year. It really started to bother me maybe in March 2019.

In March 2019 we started our transfer from California to North Carolina. I left Sondra in North Carolina at the beginning of March, then the school aged child and I joined her in June 2019. For the rest of 2019 drinking after work was just a way to wind down and relax.

2020 and the scourge of Covid-19

My work schedule is a little weird. I have been working from home since I got here in June 2019. I work 10am EST to 630-7pm EST. At least when there was school I still had to get up at 615am EST to get the kid to school. I enjoyed all those 2-3 hour mornings doing not much and yoga before my work day started.

Once school was forced home there was no reason to get up early but I still did as i would do yoga every morning and I enjoyed that. Thankfully I still worked full time, but also the work level went up to crazy amounts. I was going multiple 10-12 hour days. I was still drinking wine every night.

But then it spiraled a little / a lot in early May.

Sondra had bought home a bottle of vodka to make some mixed drinks. She didn’t have much of it. I was out of wine one night so i started pouring myself some vodka on the rocks. It was good. But it spiraled to 3-4 decently sized glasses of vodka each night. Enough to wake up with a decent hang over every morning for about a week.

One morning I woke up and said this is stupid, I need to stop. The morning of May 7th 2020 and dumped out what was left (not much) and said no alcohol for 30 days.

I made it

When the clock strikes midnight tonight it will have been officially 30 days. Do i plan to over do it and celebrate tomorrow? I didn’t plan to drink tomorrow but we have been invited out with some friends to go tubin’. Of course we need something to drink while floatin’

I may even have a little tomorrow night (nothing hard core) to cook on the new outdoor grill.

After that my plan is another 30 days and if I don’t do 30 days then it will be 1 day a week and only on weekends.

I wouldn’t say I have felt a huge difference in health with not drinking


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