I Don’t Need to Publish 64+ Pieces of Content Per Day

Or do I?

I don’t listen to Gary Vee all the time but this mantra of “post 100 times a day” is repeated all over the net. It rings to many including myself. I tend to agree with this and that if you are trying to get yourself out there you need to be posting all the time.

How many times a day do I post?

I barely make 1 time a day. That is not a failure. It is only because I really have nothing to say. I should have something to say but my voice has been lost for a while. There been some fitz and sputters of effort but never some consistency. This post will make 2 pieces of content. Woohoo!

I’m not running my own show freelancing or whatever at this time. I have a full time job. I’ve had a couple ideas that I ran through over the past year. 1 of them made me money, the other one cost me a tiny fraction. Even with those ideas I didn’t do tons to much at all content. I didn’t because I was tired and the motivation wasn’t there.

Why you should post X times per day

Because you have something to say. If you think you don’t have something to say then you don’t have any desire to grow your <insert thing here>. If you have ANY sort of business then you or somebody should be positing often and on multiple networks.

How do you post X plus times a day?

I don’t have all the answers, but my friend Oscar Gonzales is having a Facebook live video tomorrow at 9:30am PST that can help answer those questions. Join the Live Video here > https://www.facebook.com/notagrouchdotcom/live/

Why am I starting post/publish more lately?

Am I trying to sell something > no
Do I plan on selling / offering something later? > I have nothing planned but that doesn’t mean I will never do something again.

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