The Number 1 Hidden Way to Reduce IT Support Costs

All companies everywhere are looking for ways to reduce IT support costs and improve employee productivity.

Companies will usually start with buying cheaper equipment (wrong) or not getting a long warranty on hardware (also wrong). You cannot cut spending on quality to end up with better quality. That’s not how it works.

The best way to save on IT support costs that is so obvious that us IT people we end up shaking our heads, pounding them on our desks or a wall. We can’t understand how you think something is our fault because the user fails to understand basic computering.

A few days ago I was helping a (l)user use new ScanSnap software. I give users the benefit of the doubt when software changes because change is hard for most (l)users. Even though us IT people are expected to roll with the punches when things change and required to learn the new software quickly. Back to the (l)user and scanner. The new screen looks different and gives them the option to name their file. The (l)user asks, “What should I call it”??? Head meet desk. Then on top of that user: “where do i save it”. Me: call it whatever your want and save it where you want, how hard can this be???

In this current year and users need to be smarter. This specific (l)user has been using the computer for over 4 years, you should know where you save your files and how to move your files

I got side tracked. I know you want to know the best way to lower your IT support costs or at least move them to more important tasks:



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