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I’ve been lacking on my own backups (at least the automated kind) and I’ve left my Mom hanging and not doing her backups. I never really been a fan of most of the “backup” solutions out there and the past few years. No DropBox is not really a true backup (and i don’t use it). iCloud is not a backup

What pieces do you need?

You need a place to upload the data.

There is Amazon S3, Azure, Google Cloud and so many more. I found a new vendor (new to me) called Wasabi. They have a killer price point compared to all the others out there that I am aware of. Wasabi is $6.00 per Terabyte. Now the first Terabyte you have to pay for even if you don’t use the whole thing. For the few computers I need to backup I could be looking at $12.00 to $18.00 a month. This is cheap.

You need some software.

The main requirement is it has to work with Wasabi

This could be harder because most good software costs a few bucks. I found CloudBacko which is a consumer product of Ahsay that a TON of MSP’s use for enterprise backup solutions. I found the software to work but I wasn’t a huge fan of the interface. It reminds me of Window 8 (ugh). It worked OK. I probably won’t test it further. I found a ton other software but meant for the Service Provider like myself or the company I work for but not what I was looking for.

I searched for an open source solution and I found Duplicati. This seems pretty sweet and I’ve been testing it. If I stick with this solution I will need to send in a donation. Duplicati features everything I can think of so far and comes at an incredibly low cost. It also has window and mac clients.

There is more work for me in setting up Duplicati but the price point may be worth it.

So many options for backups

Is there room to bring in a new concierge backup service for home users. I still find / hear of so many people who do not backup their data. This whole process gets my gears turning thinking of a new offering I can bring to people out there.

I did play a little with MSP360. I kinda like this software so far. The price point isn’t horrible. There is a minimum 5 users license start and I would have to pre-pay 3 months in advance.

I looked at BackBlaze and iDrive as well. Seem ok solutions. Both are unlimited backup size. With Backblaze I would be out of pocket $180 for three computers. With Duplicati and Wasabit I will prob spend the same amount over 1 year for 2TB storage ($12 a month * 12 months) then it keeps going. BackBlaze is only 30 day retention but with Duplicati I can set whatever I want.

Decisions have not been made yet

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