3D Virtual Tours – Do it Yourself or Pay Someone to do it

Let me preface this post that I have had a few drinks and I haven’t had any alcohol for 60 days. Holy sh!t balls I’m now a light weight. Hell I’m now a light weight because i’ve lost 30 pounds since March 2020 and I cant handle my liquor.

I watched this video from Meet Kevin about how you can make $200 bucks in 15 minutes. The basic premise is to buy an Insta360-OneX with a few accessories and a membership to Matterport (best plan prob professional at $69 a month).

At first I watch this video and thought “hell ya, I could do this and help out a bunch of realtor people”.  But then I default back to. Why charge people money to do this when the average schmoo should just learn to do this themselves.

To get started and use this in your Real Estate business listing homes, selling homes etc. You will roughly spend about $700 (tax write off) and the $10 to $70 . So you could do 3 or 4 of your listings and cover the cost of paying someone $200 bucks a pop to do this for you. After 4 3D virtual tours you have cover your outlay. You maybe be able to just do this with iPhone 11 and better?

But the main problem with this tech stuff is this is technically hard for most real estate people. I can’t understand how most people just think this tech shit is hard, but really it’s just the fact they shut off and don’t try.

So, since most don’t try to learn, should I (or others) try do this this for them. Maybe this is a better add-on to a real estate photographer service. But then again a good real estate broker/agent/etc should have this all done in house in my opinion and have this done in house.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and brass tacks here.

There are 2 types of people.

  1. Those that will find new things and learn how it works
  2. Those that find this stuff too hard and pay to have it done

Those people in number 2 are the people to market this service to. I could easily do this. The problem is do I want to do this. Mostly no.

I think where most successful people are the those who go out there and learn instead of paying someone else to do a “thing” for them. But maybe I have been wrong for all my current life so far? Maybe those who are the most successful are those who just pay others to get done what they want done so they can work on the bigger picture.

</end RANT>





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